The 2016 Rethinking Autism Conference was a huge success!!  This conference brought together many voices as a passionate network to inspire hope and ignite change. Physicians, educators, students, paraprofessionals, therapists, psychologists, medical professionals, caregivers, parents, individuals on the spectrum, and many other interested persons learned from Elizabeth Torres, PhD with Rutgers University; Suzanne Oliver, Founder and Executive Director of Neurologic Music Therapy Services of Arizona; Jayme Whitaker, System of Care Expert from the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration; and a panel of autistic self-advocates who discussed critical issues related to educational access for students on the autism spectrum. 

Holiday Inn Evansville Airport, Evansville, IN

Keynote Speakers:

​ Elizabeth B. Torres, PhD, is an Internationally recognized cognitive neuroscientist who has dedicated her career to studying and documenting the evidence of movement differences in


 Suzanne Oliver, MT-BC, NMT- Fellow, is an internationally recognized neurologic music therapist who has developed sensory and rhythm-based supports to improve functioning and independence for individuals on the autism spectrum who experience movement differences.

Conference Pictures:  2016 Rethinking Autism Conference


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