Optimal Rhythms, Inc. is a 501(c)3

tax exempt organization

Creating Optimal Rhythms for Life, 

Learning, Communication, and Independence

Make a Difference Campaign


Neurologic Music Therapy Services

  • Individual and Group sessions
  • Treatment for Various Developmental Disabilities 
  • Treatment for Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury

     Outreach Programs

       We have a number of outreach projects           we are offering soon:

ACCESS Academy

Our private day school provides students with severe autism:

  • A general education environment
  • Support for sensory and communication needs
  • Innovative neurologic supports

Join us to raise awareness and funding for nonverbal children on the autism spectrum.  

Generous and caring people in our community are being nominated to give up their speaking voice for 12 hours to bring awareness to the more than 300 non-speaking youth on the autism spectrum in southwestern Indiana.  

It's similar to the MDA Lock Up.  Those who are "Silenced" will collect pledges/donation to try to "buy their voices back".  Once each collects $1000 or more in donations or pledges, he/she can speak again and nominate someone else to be "silenced" for the remaining hours of the campaign.  

If you've been NOMINATED - we are hoping you will accept this important challenge!! 

If you want to help with a financial donation - please click below and scroll to bottom.