Books by People Who Use AAC to Communicate (Continued)

The Purple Tree and other poems by Sydney Edmond

One Letter at a Time by Rick Hoyt

Out of Silence:  An Autistic Boy's Journey into Language and Communication by Russell Martin

Real People, Regular Lives by Sally R. Young

The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida - translated from Japanese to English by Keiko Yoshida and David Mitchell

Reasonable People:  A Memoir of Autism and Adoption by Ralph Savarese

Reflections of a Unicorn by Richard D. Creech

The Road Trip:  Life with Autism by Gloria Pearson-Vasey and J. Kevin Vasey

See Us Smart!  Facilitated Communication—Case Studies by Charlene Brandl

Sharing Our Wisdom:  A Collection of Presentations by People within the Autism Spectrum edited by G. Gillingham and S. McClennen, published by the Autism National Committee

Silent Words and Forever Friends by Margaret Eastham and David Eastham

Speaking Up and Spelling It Out edited by Melanie Fried-Oken and Hank Bersani

Speechless:  Facilitated Communication for People without Voices by Rosemary Crossley

Synergy by Barbara Rentenbach

Talking of Macbeth:  Short stories by the Author of Lucy's Story: Autism and Other Adventures by Lucy Blackman

Typed Words, Loud Voices edited by Ibby Grace and Amy Sequenzia

Under the Eye of the Clock:  The Life Story of Christopher Nolan by Christopher Nolan

Under the Silence Is Me:  How It Feels to Be Nonverbal by Kimberly Dixon
with Marilyn Dixon

The Vial by Chammi Rajapatirana 

Traveler's Tales:  My Journey with Autism by Chandima Rajapatirana

Typed Words, Loud Voices:  A Collection, edited by Amy Sequenzia and Elizabeth J. Grace

Waves of Words:  Augmented Communicators Read and Write by Karen Erickson, David Koppenhaver and David Yoder  

Words Unspoken: Facilitated Communication gives a voice to those unable to speak by Joshua Harris

Many of these books and also books relating to autism are available from the UNH IOD Bookstore. 

Creating Optimal Rhythms for Life, 

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     Outreach Programs

       We have a number of outreach projects           we are offering soon:

ACCESS Academy

Our private day school provides students with severe autism:

  • A general education environment
  • Support for sensory and communication needs
  • Innovative neurologic supports

Neurologic Music Therapy Services

  • Individual and Group sessions
  • Treatment for Various Developmental Disabilities 
  • Treatment for Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury


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